Wire Decarb Brushes

A range of wire brushes used in the engine reconditioning sectors. Comes in various shapes and sizes.
D1 11mm dia Flat End
D2 13mm dia Flat End
D3 22mm dia Flat End
D4 28mm dia Flat End
D5 11mm dia Pointed End
D6 13mm dia Pointed End
D7 22mm dia Pointed End
D8 28mm dia Pointed end
D9 28mm dia Straight, Hollow
D10 28mm dia Crimp, Hollow
D12 10mm dia Pencil Flat 50mm
D13 10mm dia Pencil Flat 125mm
D14 10mm dia Pencil Point 50mm
D15 10mm dia Pencil Point 125mm
D21 25mm dia Wheel End
D22 31mm dia Wheel End
D24 50mm x 5mm Spindle Brush