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Klingspor SMT850 Combi Flap Disc

Klingspor SMT850 Combi Flap Disc

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Grain: Aluminium Oxide & Non Woven

The SMT 850 plus Special is the unbeatable expert in the field of removing and finishing TIG weld seams. The special Combi-Abrasive mop disc version turns this mop disc into a highly efficient tool as it allows the user to complete stock removal and finish in one swift work step.

Its field of application is stainless steel. Engineered specifically for professional users, the SMT 850 plus Special is used wherever the finishing of weld seams is required after TIG welding, such as in metal-processing workshops, after welding on tubing or in apparatus and plant engineering. The high quality processing of the flap disc guarantees ultimate safety and uniform results throughout the lifetime of the product.

Box size 5pcs