Mirka DEROS 150mm Dust Free Electric Sander

Mirka's latest range of electric sanders. This is the first electric sander with a brushless motor and no external power supply, but also the lightest on the market.

It motor at 350Watts is comparable to the power of a 500W due to the brushless motor, and can maintain a constant speed under heavy load. It is low maintenance, ultra reliable and has a long life span.

It also won the prestigious IF Red Dot European Design awards, due to its ease of use and ergonomically design.

Used in conjunction with an industrial vac and Abranet discs, makes this a dust free sander.

350W 240V 4000-10000 rpm 5mm 150mm 1010gms
350W 240V 4000-10000 rpm 8mm 150mm 1010gms