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Klingspor HST 555 Backing Pad Self Fastening Multi Hole

Klingspor HST 555 Backing Pad Self Fastening Multi Hole

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Virtually dust-free sanding with the Klingspor multi-hole backing pad HST 555 for random orbital sander from different manufacturers. The different grinding methods used in industry and trade are tailored to the particular application. For example, belt sanding machines are used for grinding with high material removal rates and also for deburring metal and cast parts. Angle grinders for high-speed grinding and grinding disc are used in cases where aggressive grinding takes place, for example, when removing metal or when working on welds and weld seams.

Random orbital sanders are devices that are most commonly used for tasks requiring a more refined finishing such as surfaces finishing. Professional random orbital sanders feature a hole pattern in the backing pad. These holes are used to either allow an external extraction system or an active extraction unit built into the device to extract the dust from the abrasive disc. The benefits arising from this design are immediately apparent in the fact that:

  • the workstation is kept clean and that
  • the air in the room is kept free from dust and particles

Multihole backing pad HST 555 by Klingspor the perfect match with all standard abrasive discs and their hole patterns.

$141.50 NZD exc. GST