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Klingspor CS311Y Anti-Static ACT Polyester Belts

Klingspor CS311Y Anti-Static ACT Polyester Belts

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Grain: Aluminium Oxide

Boasting a combination of an extra tear-resistant backing and open coating, the abrasive belt CS 311 Y ACT is an excellent choice for work on wood, metal and NF metal.

This abrasive shows its true capabilities when used for processing softwood. This abrasive belt is commonly used in the wood industry, e.g. during the production of plywood and glued wood boards as well as in door and window manufacturing. Its outstanding properties make these abrasive belts a staple in the manufacturing of flooring. This premium abrasive belt for wood processing provides the same unique benefits to skilled craftsmen – such as cabinetmakers, joiners and carpenters – and to home users and hobbyists.

Common size terminology
– Big Boy = 150×1220
– Super Olympia = 300×2000