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Klingspor PS29F Anti-Static ACT Paper Roll

Klingspor PS29F Anti-Static ACT Paper Roll

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The abrasive rolls PS 29 F ACT by Klingspor are a prime choice for work on soft and resinous types of wood. Its antistatic properties combined with its open coating give this abrasive paper an impressively long life as they reduce clogging to a minimum. The F-weight paper backing makes this abrasive paper exceedingly stable. During sanding, it provides for an even distribution of the contact pressure across the entire surface. The result is a perfectly smooth contact surface.

This abrasive paper is predominantly used for sanding on

  • soft wood
  • resinous types of wood
  • paints and varnishes
  • fillers

The abrasive roll PS 29 F ACT is especially effective when used for jobs done by hand. However, it is an equally good choice for use with a sanding block or handheld machines such as an orbital sander.