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Steel Wool

Steel Wool

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High quality steel wool for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal finishes Ideal for applying wax polishes Crumble resistant and virtually oil free Flexible abrasive.

  • Grade 0000 – Very Fine
  • use to cut back between coats of French Polishes, varnishes and oil finishes
  • use to clean and polish metals such as bronze, copper, chrome and aluminium
  • use with soapy water to clean and polish porcelain, marble and glass without marking
    Grade 1 – Medium
  • use remove built-up wax polish, smoke and dirt on wood
  • use to clean, smooth and prepare wood or metal surfaces before re-polishing, waxing, varnishing or painting
  • use with a suitable solvent for light to medium cleaning of all metals


If in doubt use a finer grade of Liberon Steel Wool

Important: Always test products on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for compatibility and end results.

Precautions: To avoid cuts never tear steel wool, cut to size with scissors or shears and always protect your hands with gloves when handling.