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Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints

Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints

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Polyx-Oil Tints is normal Polyx-Oil satin, containing a small amount of coloured tint. It should not be considered as a product for staining timber, but as a finish which will give a light washed effect, creating an even tone to a timber’s grain.

Only one coat should be applied to timber flooring, followed by one coat of normal Polyx-Oil. On non traffic areas such as wall panels, sarking etc, two coats of Polyx-Oil Tints can be applied as the stand alone finish.

Can size/Approximate coverage

  • 750ml 9 sqm with 2 coats


For interior use only. Suitable for use on timber floors and furniture and general interior timbers such as paneling, furniture and timber ceilings etc. Polyx-Oil Tints is suitable for use on timbers to which normal Oil can be applied. It is not recommended for use on timbers with high oil and resin content such as Matai, Totara, Kwila or Spotted Gum