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Klingspor Surface Conditioning Belts

Klingspor Surface Conditioning Belts

Non-woven web NBS 800 – the perfect solution for stainless steel and NF metal

The non-woven web NBS 800 by Klingspor is a stable, yet flexible abrasive belt that has been designed especially for processing metals. Its fabric-reinforced non-woven fibre web made of nylon is responsible for its outstanding tear resistance and superior edge stability, e.g. during surface conditioning. Among others, the non-woven web NBS 800 is used for challenging applications on pipes, rods and surfaces. The non-woven web NBS 800 is a perfect fit for

  • Surface Conditioning belts
  • steel
  • non-ferrous metals
  • plastic

With the backing material, bond and grain necessary to excel even under the heaviest loads

Available in: Fine-Blue, Medium-Maroon, Coarse-Brown.

Custom made product only.