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Osmo Cleaning Kit for Floors

Osmo Cleaning Kit for Floors

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Osmo’s cleaning kit for floors is a 4 piece cleaning system for easy maintenance of all wooden floors which have been finished with an Osmo product or similar.

The set comprises:

  • Mop head
  • Dust mop
  • Micro mop
  • Active fibre cloth

The kit can be sold with Osmo’s telescopic handle, or without, for you to use a wooden broom handle etc.

The dust mop is an easy to use mop for day to day sweeping to pick up dust.

The micro mop is for damp mopping of wooden floors. The prefect companion is Osmo Wash and Care plant based detergent.

The active fibre cloth is for use with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, when floors look dull and tired and in need of refreshing.

Replacement pads for the kit are also available individually, contact us to discuss.