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Osmo Wash and Care

Osmo Wash and Care

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Osmo Wash and Care is a plant based detergent for cleaning any timber surface finished with an Osmo product.

Chemical detergents are not recommended, as their purpose is to dissolve grease and oil. This will eventually strip the waxes out of an Osmo finish. A plant based detergent however, will feed the timber – not strip it.

In most instances, sweeping your floor using a soft broom, or the cleaning kit dust mop, is all that is required for day to day maintenance.

If your floor is in need of a damp mopping to remove surface dirt etc, Osmo’s Wash and Care is the ideal general cleaner. Just add a capful to a litre of warm water, and use a damp mop or the cleaning kit micro mop. For more stubborn stains, the cleaner can be used neat from the container.

Wash and Care can also be used on any flooring surface which has been varnished or polyurethaned etc. It can also be used to clean polished concrete, slate, stone and sealed teracotta surfaces.

If you find your Polyx Oil finished floor is a bit slippery, Wash and Care can be used neat onto the surface. This will add grip to the finish, making it less slippery.