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Osmo Wood Protector

Osmo Wood Protector

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Osmo Wood Protector is a clear wood primer and preservative. It is recommended for use on timbers which are susceptible to blue stain and mould such as Pine, Spruce and Douglas Fir (Oregon) which are being used in areas where moisture and/or high humidity are present, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

It may also be used as a priming coat on timber benchtops and vanities, prior to finishing with Top Oil, however, it’s use will darken the timber slightly. While the use of Wood Protector is not essential on timbers which do not contain blue mould, it’s wax content will help to waterproof the timber’s surface and stop watermarking, prior to applying one or two top coats of your chosen Osmo finish.

Only one primer coat of Wood Protector is required, followed by two top coats of the desired Osmo finish.