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Osmo Top Oil for Benchtops

Osmo Top Oil for Benchtops

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Top Oil is a transparent Hardwax Oil finish for interior timber bench tops, bar tops and joinery, as well as timber coffee and dining room tables etc.

The Top Oil surface is extremely tough and hard-wearing. It is water-repellent and dirt-resistant. The finish is resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water etc. when dry. Based on natural oils and waxes, the finish does not form a film like a polyurethane, so it cannot crack, flake, peel or blister. Dirt can easily be removed without trace.

Top Oil Natural contains a small amount of white pigment to help reduce yellowing, and keep the timber looking as natural as possible. It is recommended only for use on light coloured timbers such as pine, spruce, oak, macrocarpa etc.

Osmo Top Oil is easy to apply. Application can be by bristle brush, microfibre roller or a lint free cloth. Generally, 2 thin coats are all that is required when using a brush or roller. If you are using a cloth, then 3-4 coats may be required.

Renovating surfaces – even partially – which have been previously treated with Top Oil is simple. Just clean and re-treat the worn areas. For areas which are badly worn, a light sand may be needed first.

Can size/Approximate coverage

  • 500ml – 6 sqm with 2 coats

$80.51 NZD exc. GST